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Tango Dance Classes in Portsmouth

tango dance classes in portsmouth

If you ask a dancer to describe Argentine Tango you will be told many descriptions which are based around the following. It is a way of life, a secret danced between two people, a feeling that is danced, a connection with your partner and a walking embrace. Tango is not in the feet it is in the heart. It is more about the and the expression of feelings than about choreography. It is not about complicated figures. Since no two people can feel the same, tango reveals itself in a different way in each individual. The man leads and the lady accompanies as an equal in the dance.

At our tango dance classes in Portsmouth we encourage our students to find their own style, Musicality and gentleness go hand in hand in keeping the harmony in the couple. Figures flow out of improvisation. the focus will always remain on the foundation, the connection and the walk. We try to focus on creating a friendly environment so that our students feel relaxed in their dance in order to develop whilst listening to beautiful rich tango music with socializing and keeping your body fit

Tango Dance Portsmouth

Portsmouth Dance Centre
Venue to be confirmed

Tango classes will be starting in Portsmouth in May 2016 ps fill in the form for an update on the class

Beginners Level
Age Group 18yrs-75yrs
Cost £8 per session

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Tango classes in Portsmouth are on a drop in basis.
Around 15-25 people attend each class
Previous Tango Classes experience not required
Any leather or suede soled shoe will do for the first few classes
Comfortable clothing .